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Are you tired of paying interest and fees to the banks and financial institutions? Would you like to learn how to recapture your debt by financing your purchases through your own private family banking system, and create a legacy?


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Legacy Insurance Agency, PLLC is a Life Insurance Agency specializing in the Infinite Banking Concept®. We help families and businesses to protect themselves, plan for the future and create generational wealth.

If you are planning your retirement, concerned about your financial future, or you want to make certain your financial plan is on course, contact us for a financial review.

At Legacy Insurance Agency, we are life insurance experts. We add value to life with specialized knowledge that empowers you to prosper. We can aid you with retirement planning and financial consulting tailored to your needs. We are practitioners of the Infinite Banking Concept® and utilize IBC strategies.

Life Insurance and Annuities offer a safe alternative to CD's and investing in the stock market while protecting your most valuable assets. You can diversify your financial portfolio and develop a safe strategy for retirement using fixed annuities and permanent life insurance that will shield your assets from predators and losses.

You can also benefit from the tax advantages offered by these time tested products that have been around much longer than the income tax. These tax benefits are not offered with other financial products like cd's or stocks, and allow more flexibility than traditional retirement accounts.

A fixed annuity account offers guaranteed safety of principal and can specify a fixed interest rate offering secure income over your lifetime. Dividend paying, whole-life insurance offers protection and access to capital while guaranteeing that what you want to happen will happen.

Don't wait another minute to get the protection that you and your family deserve. Simply fill-out the simple form above for your FREE, NO OBLIGATION review or
Call 228-875-5545 to schedule your meeting NOW!

At your service,

Barry Page, RFC
Registered Financial Consultant
Independent Insurance Agent
Legacy Insurance Agency, PLLC
Mississippi Resident License 402953

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Legacy Insurance Agency offers life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, annuities and financial planning. We work with the nation's highest rated insurance companies and financial institutions to provide protection, quality care and financial services for you, our clients.

More specific products we offer include term life insurance, whole life insurance, individual health insurance, health savings accounts, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance, fixed annuities, guaranteed annuity, and equity indexed annuities. We provide value added service through comprehensive financial planning.

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Leaving a Legacy How do you want to be remembered?

Resident licensed in Mississippi, we also offer service throughout the United States through our valued affiliates. Shop, compare and request a quote directly online.

BARRY PAGE, RFC is an independent licensed AGENT/BROKER
Mississippi Resident License 402953
Non-Resident Licensed in Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas
Affiliates licensed in all other states.
Barry Page, RFC and Legacy Insurance Agency, PLLC
provide a service and are not an insurer.
The names of the Insurance Companies which are referred to on this
site are the trade names, trademarks, and/or copyright references to their respective companies.

Barry Page, RFC
Managing Agent
Financial Consultant
Life Insurance Expert
Private Banking Coach

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We do not provide investment, tax or legal advice; and accept no liability for the information we provide. We are not responsible for information from outside sources and the links we provide to other sources. Any commentary should not be considered advice to avoid taxes. Contact your tax advisor. The terms financial planning and banking are used in a generic form here because of their relative significance to financial success through planning. We provide information to our clients and those who visit our website in search of financial information and general knowledge.

Our goal is to provide maximum protection for our clients through proper insurance, while helping them attain their financial goals with efficient resource management and macro planning. We provide insurance and financial services in the states we are licensed to do business: Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas and Indiana.

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