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We help families and businesses to protect themselves, plan for the future and create generational wealth.

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You can use our website to get self-service term life, disability and other insurance quotes, or to learn more about our financial services. Let us help you protect your family, income and business while growing your wealth safely and predictably.

At Legacy Insurance Agency, we are life insurance experts. We add value to LIFE with our specialized knowledge that empowers you to prosper. Let us help you with retirement planning and financial consulting that is tailored to your wants and needs.

We are authorized practitioners of the Infinite Banking Concept® and an Bank On Yourself® Authorized Advisor. We  utilize IBC strategies in our lives and can show you how to benefit from them as well.

Whole Life Insurance and Annuities offer a safe alternative to CD’s and investing in the stock market while protecting your most valuable assets. You can diversify your financial portfolio and develop a safe strategy for retirement using fixed annuities and permanent life insurance that will shield your assets from predators, risk and losses.

You can also benefit from the tax advantages offered by these time tested products that have been around much longer than the income tax. These tax benefits are not offered with other financial products like cd’s or stocks, and allow more flexibility than traditional retirement accounts.

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