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Discover if whole life insurance is right for you. Are you wondering what to do when it comes to purchasing life insurance? Permanent whole-life insurance provides coverage for your whole life while building cash value and providing significant benefits while you are alive.

Typically, Whole Life Insurance has premiums that remain fixed for the life of the policy. A part of the premium is used to accumulate a guaranteed cash value thus adding a savings element. Dividends, which are not guaranteed, may also increase policy cash value. The policy remains in force during the insured's entire lifetime, provided premiums are paid as specified in the policy.

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On the other side of the spectrum from whole-life is term-life. Term insurance is as it suggests, for a given term. Usually 10, 15, 20 and 30 years or available. As you get older the companies will only right shorter terms. The death benefit will disappear when your term expires or if you renew, will increase dramatically. Term insurance is a temporary solution, but if purchased correctly can be converted to a permanent whole life insurance policy.

When deciding between whole-life and term you have to ask yourself if you want to rent or own? With term you are renting and with whole-life you own.

While most insurance agents only talk about the death benefit, they seldom ever discuss how many death claims are actually paid on term insurance. Whole life policies pay claims and provide tremendous economic benefits while you're alive.

Permanent whole life insurance, provides a living benefit. Part of your premium goes into a cash reserve and accumulates as cash value, tax-deferred. You can generally access this cash value at any time, for many purposes including critical illness. It can also be used for many other needs like education expenses and retirement income.

Whole life insurance makes your other assets better by providing protection and significant tax benefits. It also provides a hedge against inflation and other eroding factors of money.

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