Annuity Benefits and Retirement Income

Annuities offer benefits not found in other financial products. Learn how to earn safe returns using traditional annuity products. You can develop a safe strategy for retirement using traditional fixed annuities that will guarantee your income and avoid risks.

A great retirement is knowing you can enjoy the life you imagined. Annuities can create a fixed stream of income, starting in as little as a month, or guaranteed income in the future.

Annuities Retirement

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Annuities can help you plan a retirement that you can look forward to.  Legacy Insurance Agency offers a wide range of annuity products that can fit your retirement needs and create guaranteed income.

What is an Annuity?
An annuity is simply a tax-deferred contract issued by an insurance company that can provide an income for a specified time period, such as a number of years or for life.

There are two types of annuities: deferred annuities, which allow you to grow your assets tax deferred and convert your account balance to income payments at a later date, and immediate annuities, which generally allow you to receive income payments right away (but no later than 12 months after issue).

A fixed annuity offers guaranteed safety of principal and specifies a fixed interest rate.

Learn how an annuity may fit into your retirement plans. Request a no cost, no obligation consultation to see how an income annuity can help you guarantee your income for life.

Legacy Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency that offers fixed and equity indexed annuity products from the nation’s top carriers. 

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