Life Insurance for Women
Working With Women at Every Life Stage

Life insurance for women at all stages of life. Whether you are single, married, divorced, widowed, retired or a business owner, we are committed to the advancement of women in life. And, we are committed to better addressing the personal and business needs of women today.

Life Insurance for Women

Life Insurance for Women

Women are a powerful force in today’s economy. According to the Department of Labor, women represent nearly 47 percent of the American workforce and control over $20 trillion in annual spending in the U.S.* Women are CEOs, public policy makers, scientists and financial professionals.

Protect Those Who Matter Most

A recent study showed that 47 percent of women do not own life insurance. (1)

Whether you are single, married, widowed or divorced, your family depends on you emotionally and financially. A life insurance death benefit can provide comfort to those left behind in the event of your unexpected death. To discuss your life insurance needs or to schedule an appointment, contact me today.

1 – Insurance Barometer Study, LIMRA, 2015

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You may have just graduated from college, recently secured your first job, or moved away from home.

Maybe you’re an accomplished professional who is keeping an eye toward the future. Either way, you have important decisions to make that will impact your financial future.

Your most valuable asset is your income. It not only provides funds to pay living expenses, but it’s also the engine that drives your lifestyle and security.

Protecting your income is paramount. If someone depends on you for their care or well-being, he or she would suffer a loss if you were to die unexpectedly. You should consider preparing for the unexpected by making sure your bills are paid, debts are covered and those depending on you are secure if tragedy were to strike.


It is estimated that women make or influence 85 percent of all purchasing decisions in U.S. households. (1)

You and your spouse have some important financial decisions to make. Protection and growth are common financial goals for married couples.

Because many families depend on two incomes to support the household, income protection is often a concern. Wealth accumulation is also important to many married couples as they build their home and lives together. Your financial professional can help you find strategies to help grow wealth over the long-term.

Married with Children

Your life is certainly different than it was before. Someone else is now dependent on you to provide food, shelter, nurturing and the foundation for an amazing future.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates the cost of raising a child until age 18 is $245,340 for middle income families. (2) If something were to happen to you, could your spouse and children continue their current standard of living? If so, for how long? With the right planning, you can provide for the short and long-term financial security of those you love.

Single Parent

Today, many women are successfully tackling the challenges of being a single parent and the inevitable financial choices that come with this decision.

Securing an income if you were unable to work is critical because, chances are, there is no other income source for the family. Saving and building your wealth is also important for single parents. Accumulated assets provide a cushion that can be accessed for life needs such as a child’s education, unexpected expenses or the down payment on a home.

Who will provide for your child if you were no longer around? Your financial professional can help you provide solutions to some of the financial challenges you face as a single parent.

Divorced or Widowed

Finding yourself in the midst of a divorce or dealing with the passing of a spouse may cause you to reexamine yourself, your life and your finances.

As you’re adjusting to this change, you must make important decisions to help ensure your financial security.

You may be living on one income, or your assets may be greatly reduced, so income protection may be important.

Also, preparing for retirement may be a big concern for those who become divorced or widowed later in life. There are cost effective solutions to your needs for protection, wealth accumulation and retirement.


You’ve worked hard to build your business and now you’re part of the estimated 9.1 million female businessowners in the U.S.! (3)

As a businessowner, recruiting, rewarding and retaining your organization’s valuable employees is essential. Also, determining who will take over the business when you step down should be part of your overall business plan.

Your financial professional can help you map out a plan to meet your business and personal needs for growth and security.


Go ahead and enjoy your leisure time and working on those projects you’ve always meant to “get around to.” You’ve earned this opportunity.

Women tend to earn less money and live longer than men, which makes retirement planning challenging. Will your money last as long as you do in retirement? It’s one of the most common concerns Americans have about their retirement years.

Whether you’ve just begun retirement or you are a seasoned veteran of retired life, there are safe and secure ways to provide supplementary retirement income. It just takes a little planning and an understanding of the options available to you.

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