ROI Real Estate Investing Video
How To Increase Your ROI with Real Estate Using Life Insurance for Financing

ROI real estate investing video tutorial. Do you own (or want to own) investment real estate?

Learn how to increase your return on investment with real estate using life insurance for financing in this video using the Real Estate Analysis Calculator. Just fill-in your name and email to instantly be taken to the free video tutorial.

ROI Real Estate

ROI Real Estate

Todd Langford with Truth Concepts, describes an amazing case study using the Real Estate Analysis Calculator in this video tutorial.

He shows how borrowing against cash value from a permanent life insurance policy can dramatically increase the ROI of a rental real estate investment – from an impressive 25% up to over 100% ROI! How is this possible?

The Real Estate Analysis calculator provides in-depth calculations and analysis for real estate purchases, showing you how to measure and maximize your return
on a real estate purchase. Watch this video and the contact us to evaluate your existing or anticipated real estate investments, once you have the facts and figures.

Whole life insurance builds cash value over time. It provides many benefits including protection, savings and growth. Owners of whole life insurance can borrow against the cash values of the policy. Loan interest is charged in advance and refunded if the loan is repaid early.

Before you make a loan you should consider carefully what the loan is for. For instance, is it an investment opportunity that will earn you a return on your investment? You should also setup a loan repayment schedule and commit to repaying the loan.

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