The Infinite Banking Concept™

Infinite Banking is a predictable way to create financial freedom. Learn how to grow your family’s wealth predictably without government retirement plans.

Learn how to finance your major purchases through your own “bank” without depending on traditional banks and financial institutions thus eliminating the need for credit reporting.

Discover the power of the Infinite Banking Concept™ and learn the secrets of Becoming Your Own Banker™ to create your own perpetual banking system.

“Banking is the most important business in the world”. ~R. Nelson Nash

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The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) can teach you how to become your own banker by:

  • Creating your own banking system using dividend-paying, permanent life insurance.
  • Using available savings and cash flow to build your own “bank.”
  • Capitalizing and establishing your plan.
  • Using the method to finance your automobile purchases and even to finance your home.
  • Expanding your system to accommodate all income through a system of banks to increase your personal wealth.
  • How a business can use the concept for equipment financing.

The possibilities are infinite!

The Infinite Banking Conceptas outlined in the book, Becoming Your Own Banker, reveals the truth behind the most important business in the world – banking. It provides you with foundational, financial wisdom that will help you understand personal finance like never before.

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) allows you to get multiple uses of your dollars. With IBC, your dollars provide protection, savings and financing options.

We spend money on items that we purchase, either by paying cash or by financing. The problem is that all these items are financed by other banking institutions. This means that the interest portion of every dollar spent is perpetual. The volume of interest is the real issue, not the annual percent rates.

The average American family spends about 30% of their income on interest and fees. Compare that to the savings rate of most Americans of about 5% and you can see the discrepancy.

When you think about how you should save, you have to consider many factors. These factors may span a lifetime or they may be for a short period of time. But, even if your reason for saving is short term, eventually you’ll have a need to save again. Ultimately we save in order to spend in the future, but when you access the saved money you interrupt the compounding.

So, why not use a savings vehicle that allows for uninterrupted compounding? Uninterrupted compounding means that your money is available or liquid, yet it continues to grow even while being used.

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) works through a custom designed, dividend paying, participating whole life insurance policy from a mutual life insurance company.

These custom designed policies function like a bank…

  • By allowing you to make deposits (premiums) and loans
  • By giving you access to capital at any time for any reason
  • By allowing liquidity, use, and control of your money
  • By earning a predictable return over time

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Nelson Nash Infinite Banking Concept

The Infinite Banking Concept is not a bank; it is a thought process that represents a major paradigm shift. ~Nelson Nash

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