Retirement Planning
Pre-Retirees and Those About to Retire

Retirement planning made simple. Have you taken the time to plan your retirement? Not how you will spend your time… But how you will spend your money.

In one short meeting you can learn how to secure your retirement and create tax-exempt income for the rest of your life. We’ll help you develop a financial solution for living and retiring with peace of mind.

Take the time now to plan and secure your retirement. Retirement Planning doesn’t have to be complicated, get started today. Follow this link to schedule your no-cost financial consultation.

Retirement Planning

“Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did.” ~Malcolm S. Forbes

Retirement Planning Made Simple

If you want to analyze the numbers we can. Legacy Insurance Agency uses specialized retirement planning software and analysis to provide you with the most current and comprehensive planning tools available. However, in most cases we can build your plan on a notepad. It doesn’t have to be complicated, we keep it real simple.

Monte Carlo simulations prove that traditional financial planning can fail most of the time. Would you rather try to live off a measly distribution of 4% taxable income, or would you rather have safety and more predictable tax-free income with less worries?

You can develop a safe strategy for retirement without risking your nest egg. You can also benefit from the tax advantages offered by these time tested strategies that have been around much longer than the income tax. These tax benefits are not offered with financial products like cd’s or stocks, and allow more flexibility than traditional retirement accounts.

Do it yourself planning or turning your money over to someone else can cost you dearly. We will work with you to help you maximize your income during retirement, while minimizing your risk, tax liability and wealth transfers.

In the long-run, our clients are able to significantly increase their protection, decrease their risks and substantially increase their spendable income at retirement.

Retirement Planning Consultation

Get started today, follow this link to schedule your financial consultation.

Where? In person or at your home or office. You can attend a meeting using your computer (saves time and travel expenses).

When? At your convenience, weekdays during normal business hours.

How Much? Our initial consultations and reviews are completely free of charge!

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