The Infinite Banking Concept

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The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) can teach you how to become your own banker by:

  • Creating your own private banking system
  • Using available savings and cash flow to build your own “bank”
  • Capitalizing and establishing your plan
  • Using the method to finance your major purchases
  • Expanding your system to accommodate a system of “banks”
  • How a business can use the concept for equipment financing
  • Increasing your available cash-flow
  • Growing your personal wealth
  • Financing your tax-free retirement
  • Leaving a family legacy

The possibilities are infinite!

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How IBC Works

How IBC Works - Discover Infinite Banking

Discover IBC – Infinite Banking Concept


The average American family spends about 30% of their income on interest and fees. Compare that to the savings rate of most Americans of about 5% and you can see the discrepancy.

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) allows you to get multiple uses of your dollars. So, while you are using your money for spending, it can still grow. With IBC, your dollars provide protection from loss, a safehaven for savings and financing options for spending.


We spend money on items that we purchase, either by paying cash or by financing. The problem is that all these items are financed by other banking institutions.

This means that the interest portion of every dollar spent is perpetual. The volume of interest is the real issue, not the annual percent rates.


When you think about how you should save, you have to consider many factors. These factors may span a lifetime or they may be for a short period of time. But, even if your reason for saving is short term, eventually you’ll have a need to save again. Ultimately we save in order to spend in the future, but when you access the saved money you interrupt the compounding.

So, why not use a savings vehicle that allows for uninterrupted compounding? Uninterrupted compounding means that your money is available or liquid, yet it continues to grow even while being used.

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) works through a custom designed, dividend paying, participating whole life insurance policy from a mutual life insurance company.

These custom designed life policies function like a bank…

  • By allowing you to make deposits (premiums) and loans
  • By giving you access to capital at any time for any reason
  • By allowing liquidity, use, and control of your money
  • By earning a predictable return over time

The Infinite Banking Concept is not a bank; it is a thought process that represents a major paradigm shift. ~Nelson Nash

Becoming Your Own Banker is a text for a ten-hour course of instruction about the power of dividend-paying whole life insurance. It is not a sales tool for life insurance agents. It is education that the life insurance industry should have taught during the last 200 years.

Unfortunately, the industry has concentrated on the death benefit qualities of the contract and has neglected to adequately describe the financing capabilities that it presents for the policy owners. Ironically, life insurance companies must put premium income to work in various investments in order to pay the death claims.

This book demonstrates that your need for finance, during your lifetime, is much greater than your need for protection. Solve for this need through this instrument and you will end up with more life insurance than the companies will issue on you.

Most everyone is familiar with the fact that one can borrow from a whole life policy, but because of how little premiums they pay, there is limited access to money to finance major items needed during a lifetime. Yet, the need for financing for the typical person is extensive. Really, all this book adds to the equation is scale.

How IBC Works

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From: the IBC website

“I have always said that there is too much higher education in America. The figures you develop are partial support of that contention.”

Walter E. Williams
Professor of Economics at George Mason University, and occasional guest host of the Rush Limbaugh radio broadcast.


“Unbelievable! A fantastic, educational, enlightening read! I am a certified financial planner and have literally recommended this book to over 50 people in the week since I read it. Every one of my 400 clients will have it and use it as their “turn to” source when they are trying to remember why we have set up what we did. I will be forever grateful to have it as a reference to guide potential clients towards so they can read about the things we are talking about that no one has ever spoken to them about and they can’t figure out why. Thank you, thank you for your efforts to bring people financial freedom.”

Kim D. H. Butler
CFP, Phoenix, AZ (Kim is a financial adviser to Robert Kiyosaki, Author of RICH DAD, POOR DAD


“I thought your chapter on the monetary value of a college degree was insightful and provided a much-needed and fresh perspective on higher education. It is this kind of thinking that will be necessary if we are ever to break out of the mess the socialistic higher education system has become.”

Tom DiLorenzo
Professor of Economics at Loyola College in Baltimore, MD

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