Life Insurance
Protect Your Family and Business

Life insurance provides protection for your family and loved ones while allowing you to meet your financial goals. Life Insurance policies remain in force while scheduled premiums are paid to the insurance company. Whether term life or whole life, in the event of death, a death benefit is paid to the beneficiaries income tax-free.

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Types of Life Insurance

Term Life provides temporary protection at an affordable rate over a specified period of time. Get your free Term Life Quote.

Whole Life offers permanent protection and coordinates with your other assets by providing protection, growth and significant tax benefits. Learn how Whole Life can benefit you.

Guaranteed Issue Life offers protection that you can count on regardless of your health. Have you been turned down for Life Insurance?  Learn more, Guaranteed Issue Life

While there are many theories on how to buy life insurance, the only one that provides for your full economic benefit is the human life value approach. Our human life value, as described by the late Solomon Huebner, is the capitalized monetary worth of the earning capacity resulting from the economic forces that are incorporated within our being: namely, our character and health, our education, training, and experience, our personality and industry, our creative power, and our driving force to realize the economic images of the mind.

Needs based analysis doe’s not address this issue completely, primarily because it focuses on the death benefit and immediate needs. Since it is impossible to predict the future, the needs based approach is flawed. When purchasing life insurance, consider your human life value.

Owning life insurance is a good thing, and it can provide many benefits to its’ owners, as well as a social benefit to society. Term life provides temporary protection and whole life provides permanent protection. In recent years it has been sold for the wrong reasons, on a needs only basis as a death benefit. It’s not just about death, but about living and adding value to your life and the ones you care about. It can also be used as a financial tool to achieve success while you’re young, and to supplement your retirement income later in life.

Most people want the same things out of life – happiness, success and reasonable wealth. We strive to help our clients achieve these goals through maximum protection of their life, income and assets. Contact us for a no cost consultation to learn more.