Financial Planning

Financial planning is simply beginning with the end in mind. You’ve probably heard the statement, people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.

When it comes to your finances we focus on these types of financial planning.

Have you taken the time to plan for your financial future? Planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow this link and let us help with a no-cost consultation.

financial planning

What is financial planning?

From Wikipedia: A financial plan is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s current pay and future financial state by using current known variables to predict future income, asset values and withdrawal plans. This often includes a budget which organizes an individual’s finances and sometimes includes a series of steps or specific goals for spending and saving in the future. This plan allocates future income to various types of expenses, such as rent or utilities, and also reserves some income for short-term and long-term savings. A financial plan is sometimes referred to as an investment plan, but in personal finance a financial plan can focus on other specific areas such as risk management, estates, college, or retirement.

Legacy Insurance Agency uses the Circle of Wealth financial planning system to provide you with the most current and comprehensive planning tools available.

Doing financial planning yourself can maybe save you some money, or it can go terribly wrong.

We work with you to maximize your wealth, now and during retirement, while minimizing your risk, tax liability and wealth transfers. In the long-run, our clients are able to significantly increase their protection, decrease their losses and substantially increase their spendable income at retirement.

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The term financial planning is used in a generic form here because of its’ relative significance to financial success through planning. We provide information to our clients and those who visit our website in search of financial information and general knowledge.

Our goal is to provide maximum protection for our clients through proper insurance, while helping them attain their financial goals with efficient resource management and macro planning.

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