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The Alternative Investment
Protect and Grow Your Wealth

The alternative investment.  Life insurance and annuities provide an alternative to traditional investing. You can Diversify and Guarantee Your Portfolio using these safe money alternatives, life insurance and annuities. Learn how to protect and grow your wealth safely in our free report.

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Discover the Alternative Investment

Alternative investments that provide protection and growth. Americans have been lied to about investing for too long. We have been told that the stock market is the ONLY place to invest our money… And to max out the contributions on our 401k and retirement plans.

Sadly thousands of Americans have lost their entire retirement savings in qualified plans and the stock market. Trillions of dollars have been lost. The good news is, You don’t have to believe the lies anymore!

Another lie we’ve been told by the “financial gurus” is that life insurance is a bad investment. That you should “buy term and invest the difference”. The first problem with this theory is that most people never save the difference. The next problem is that the term insurance usually expires when you need it the most, when you are most likely to die.

The truth is, permanent life insurance should not be looked at as traditional investing. However, it is one of the safest places to store your money. It combines protection and savings to help you create generational wealth. And, if you understand how, you can use it while you’re alive!

Annuities and Life Insurance offer a safe alternative to CD’s and investing in the stock market. You can diversify your financial portfolio and develop a safe strategy for retirement using fixed annuities and permanent life insurance that will shield your assets from predators and losses.

A fixed annuity account offers guaranteed safety of principal and specifies a fixed interest rate with options for lifetime income. Dividend paying, whole-life insurance offers protection and access to capital while guaranteeing that what you want to happen will happen.

You can also benefit from the tax advantages offered by these time tested products that have been around much longer than the income tax. These tax benefits are not offered with other financial products like cd’s or stocks, and allow more flexibility than traditional retirement accounts.